Monday, January 2, 2012


...brings a new year. Hey all! Here we are once again, with a clean slate. I figured that I'd lend my first blog of the new year to my artistic endeavors of last ( or in other words, since I was too lazy to post last years stuff, I'll get around to doing it now. lol)

Unfortunately, I didn't do much "artwork" per se, but I did do a few greeting cards. And a major step for me: I finally did my first craft fair! Needless to say, it was a total bust (I have a laundry list of why it didn't work out, but lets not get into that), but I did take away some valuable info.

 Now, I can't remember if I posted these or not, so if I did, I apologize. These were birthday gifts that I made for friends. The top one was Illustrator & Photoshop, the 2nd one strictly Illustrator, and the last one was my first attempt at painting on wood. Didn't turn out too shabby.

I must say I enjoy making greeting cards more. The top one was for a friend's baby shower. One of my very few encounters with a Cricut. I honestly don't like that machine at all. Don't get me wrong, it does a lot of neat things. And what would be even neater is if they made it to where you can cut your own designs. I don't know what it is, but that machine just gets on my nerves. The second card was also for a baby shower. Design done in Illustrator. I'd like to say that is my best card in awhile. It looks quite professional. And the last three pics were cards I made for the craft fair.

And remember that Foomi I bought at WonderCon? Here he is, finished and all! (Finally lol) It took me so long to complete because I really didn't know what I wanted him to look like besides having  wings and horns. Even up to the point where I started to paint I wasn't completely set on an idea. So I sort of just winged it (no pun intended) all the way through the painting process. He didn't turn out too shabby, either! I'm pretty sure I'll be doing more customs this year.

So that's it for now, kiddies! Here's to more artwork! Time to get crackin! =)

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