Monday, March 22, 2010

doo doo doo...

Let's see, what's new...I didn't get much done last week in terms of any new art because a greeting card I was working on was wracking the heck out of my brain. I can't post pictures of it just yet because I'm not sure the recipients have received it. Pictures will be posted, don't worry. 

I just finished doing some more color comps, and I think I found the one. I've already got the final line work down on paper, I just have to start painting, dammit! I also started messing with this doodle I had in my sketchbook for awhile. I brought it into Illustrator and started doing some line work on it, but as far as finishing it, I have no idea what my plans are.

On a good note, my business cards are done! Albeit they are home-made (what can I say? money's super tight.) And on a side note, never get the pre-cut business card paper. What a waste of money! At least that's another thing to cross of the ol' checklist just in time for Wonder Con.

So since I don't have pictures of that stuff I just mentioned, I'll post pictures of my new creative outlet, Sculpey figures. I decided to try it out since it seemed like it was easy to work with, and let me tell you, it is. I've made about four little figures so far. These pics are of my first attempt at making something, so give me a break. 

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